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The World Ocean & Cruise Liner Society - Average Member Profile

     Each year our members are asked to submit a report card for every cruise they took during the calendar year. The results from these cards are then used to tabulate the winner of our prestigious annual Ship of the Year Award.

     In addition to questions about the voyage they were just on, these cards also ask members about their past cruise histories. Since the cards are submitted year after year it is easy to log their latest voyages and to spot any inconsistencies thereby giving us the ability to create a pretty accurate picture of what the average cruise history of our members is like and what their experiences have been.

     As of December 2012 a snapshot of the average member profile would look something like this. Our average member is an extremely experienced cruise passenger. Boasting an average of 28 cruises in total, and slightly over 2.6 cruises a year, our members represent a segment of the cruise market unmatched by other organizations.

     In this latest review, it was not uncommon to see a large number of members have attained the distinction of traveling on over 50 cruises, while some of our original members have attained a status of over 80 cruises. Our top cruiser has actually reported of 201 cruises as of December 2012. That is quite a feat!!

     When asked what their favorite line and ship are, most members list more do not limited their response to one line or ship. Most have at least two and many report three or four. Surprising, their favorites are very diverse. It is not unusual to find a member who lists a long history of mass-market 7 day trips who also lists a vast array of upscale longer voyages. Our membership is very diverse, not only in their demographics, but also in their choices of cruises.

     If you love cruises, are a ship aficionado, or simply want to live vicariously through others, why not join us today?



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