Our friend Martin Cox (b. United Kingdom), has photographed a multitude of forgotten landscapes: the desolate valleys evacuated in the wake of the collapsed Welsh mining industry, former resort towns at California’s Salton Sea, an ocean liner embedded in a town square in China, and a ongoing Queen Anne-era English canal.

     The port of Southampton provided early inspiration for his visual investigations.  He graduated from the Exeter School of Art and Design (United Kingdom) before holding his first exhibition in Camden Town, London.

     His photographs suggest the passage of time and presence of history. Some of his projects raise awareness of a vanishing maritime culture and inspire questions about past events while drawing upon the atmosphere of the present.

      Martin's photographs are exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, London, New York and San Francisco, and in festivals in Africa and Australia. His works are collected, published and sometime commissioned.

      Martin has a passion for Maritime Matters and has a website that share that name. Please visit his website MaritimeMatters.com

      Martin lives in Los Angeles, California and he can be found online at MartinCox.com




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