Peter Knego aboard Queen Mary Photo by Martin Cox

Peter Knego     

     Born in Los Angeles, CA, Peter’s interest in passenger ships started in 1973 when he was assigned to research the Lusitania for an American History course. In early 1974, he began visiting and photographing nearly every liner and cruise ship that came to Los Angeles, beginning with P&O’s ss Arcadia, and continues to do so to this day.


     While he was studying Theater Arts at UCLA, Peter took his first “serious” cruises, beginning in 1980 with American Hawaii’s newly-rechristened ss Oceanic Independence  Every year thereafter, he made it a point to sail on an elderly passenger ship until the early 1990s, when he furthered his mission to seek out and document every “forgotten” liner left in the world.

     His travels include trips to all seven continents on board or in search of passenger ships and visits to Alang, India on eight different occasions (thus far) to witness the dismantling of many important liners. These excursions led to the purchase of a huge amount of fittings and art (much of it available at from many beloved ships and the production of a series of video projects beginning with "On the Road to Alang" and the newly released "The Sands of Alang" In the meantime, his "The World's Passenger Fleet"  series is up to nine volumes. For ordering and more information, please see the video page on MidShipCentury.

      Knego travels the world on a regular basis and in addition to his valued role with Ocean & Cruise News. Peter has contributed countless photographs and articles to U.S. based Travel Age West, Cruise Travel and Porthole Magazines as well as U.K.-based Ship's Monthly and Sea Lines. 

     Peter’s home is a virtual museum and gallery of precious MidCentury ocean liner fittings, art and furniture and has been featured in The New York Times, The Daily News and Los Angeles Magazine.

      He is frequently a guest “expert” on television and radio and has been quoted in many publications, ranging from The New York Times and USA Today to a wide variety of maritime industry trades such as Sea Trade Insider, Tradewinds and more.

      Peter has hosted some of our World Ocean & Cruise Liner Member Cruises as well as lectured ashore and on board a number of cruise ships and ocean liners, including Holland America’s Rotterdam (1959), P&O’s Canberra and Victoria, NCL’s Norway, Premier Cruises’ Rembrandt, Louis Cruises Louis Majesty, Voyages of Discovery’s Discovery, Saga Holidays’ Saga Rose, Cruise and Maritime’s Marco Polo and, of course, the original Queen Mary in Long Beach.


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